Contec Global officially acquired Wiesmann GmbH in February 2016. The acquisition was overseen by the company’s managing director, Roheen Berry, a keen car collector, motoring enthusiast and entrepreneur. Roheen is now Wiesmann’s owner and chief executive officer, instigating an acquisition that was necessary for the evolution of one of Germany’s best-known luxury brands. It was Roheen’s ambition to bring Wiesmann to the forefront of the global luxury sports car market.


Established in 1984, Contec Global is a conglomerate with multisector business interests, including agriculture, mobile technology, biometrics and biometric technology, transportation, financial technology, telecoms and green energy.


Founded by Roheen Berry’s father, Contec Global is a family-run business, and Roheen was appointed the managing director in 2012. It has since grown in both size and scope, establishing a successful presence around the world.