Past Models


Wiesmann’s portfolio of past models includes the Roadster MF3, the Roadsters MF4 & MF-S and GTs MF4 & MF4-S, and the Roadster MF5 and GT MF5. The ‘MF’ in each model’s name is taken from the first letters in the founders’ first names, Martin and Friedhelm.

True to the Wiesmann spirit, each model was designed to combine the very best of German engineering with a very British sense of elegance and style.

Wiesmann MF3

Unveiled in 1993, the Roadster MF3 was Wiesmann’s first opportunity to properly set its stall out for the world of the sportscar enthusiast.


Wiesmann MF4

Roadster MF4 made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, the Wiesmann MF4 was hailed as a classic in its own right, its combination of style and power an instant hit.


Wiesmann MF5

Wiesmann enters the super sportscar category. Initially two models moving quickly into four versions. First generation with V10 naturally aspirated engine (43 Roadster MF5 (limited before start of production, GT