About Us


Wiesmann was founded by brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann in 1988. It was the brothers’ relentless belief that it was possible to produce a car that defied the norm of the sports car world. Today, that baton has been passed on to an equally dedicated and passionate sibling duo, with an equally fierce dedication to creating an unbounded automotive masterpiece.


Wiesmann is not your average sports car.  It is a car inspired by those few with the courage, audacity and creativity to live by their own rules. Beautifully designed, precision engineered, it is a remarkable.


Stand Apart

Throughout history, there have been those who have stood apart. They are the individuals whose courageous spirit brings delight and joy to the world. 

Absolute Originals

They are the few absolute originals. In an era where both personality and the notion of luxury are being increasingly commoditised, the need for such originality has never been more important. Wiesmann is born of that spirit.    


From the very beginning, the aim has been to strike the perfect balance between every aspect of what it means to be Wiesmann. The cars are admired for their design, engineering and style, achieved through the passion of Wiesmann’s people.

Design Perfection

The design communicates that it is possible to produce a very different type of sports car, a car born of a maverick spirit, designed for the discerning sports car enthusiast.