Established in 1988, Wiesmann manufactures cars for the purist in all of us. Best known for combining German innovation, engineering and design with classic British elegance and style, Wiesmann has not deviated from its founding vision, resulting in hand-built, bespoke vehicles that have been and will continue to be recognised as some of the world’s most iconic sports cars.


A Wiesmann is not your average sports car. It’s a car inspired by those few with the courage, audacity and creativity to live by their own rules. Beautifully designed with precision engineering, a Wiesmann is a remarkable car made for remarkable individuals.

New Models

Wiesmann will be unveiling a new model in 2022. Given the changes in the market over the last few years, a new exciting proposition will be announced soon.

Alongside the new model, Project Gecko continues to be developed. Stay tuned for further announcements in early 2022.

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